A professional piano technician provides a wide range of services for your piano’s maintenance, repair, and care. Their services include the focus and care to retain the original music of your instrument. A single session can help you keep the piano good for a long time.

Top Services Offered by a Piano Technician:

 In this blog, we will talk about the common maintenance services offered by piano technicians in Manchester.

  • Tuning: It is an important part of maintaining the health of your piano. Tuning requires a skilled technician to adjust the strings to bring them into tune with the concert pitch. It is done by making small adjustments to the tension on each string. A complete tuning should be done at least once a year. It will help your instrument retain its original sound quality.


  • Regulation and Voicing: These are two more important services provided by a piano technician that helps achieve proper playability and tone. Regulation involves adjusting all the active components, so they move in unison and respond correctly when pressed. Voicing helps improve tonal clarity. This is done by adjusting the stiffness or softness of the felt around each hammerhead.


  • Structural Repairs: These repairs involve fixing broken pieces such as keys, strings, frames, bridges etc. It also includes refinishing work that entails polishing or staining the finish on the case or keyboard. Restoring an old instrument requires much more attention than simply replacing broken parts. It often involves reassembling many components, which may require specialised skills. It depends on how old or rare your piano is.


  • Appraisals of Valuation: In addition to repairs and maintenance services, piano technicians also provide appraisals and valuations. This helps those seeking information about their instruments’ worth in monetary terms. It impacts insurance purposes or sale/purchase decisions. Appraisals consider factors such as the age/condition of the instrument, and brand name, among other details unique to your particular model.


  • Key top Replacement: Finally, Key top replacement is another service some technicians offer. It involves replacing old worn-out ivory keys with plastic ones. It keeps them looking attractive for years to come. This may be especially helpful if you intend on selling or trading your instrument soon.


Overall, piano technicians offer essential services for keeping your instrument properly working. For better assistance, contact Eric the Piano Fixer. We have a reliable team of piano technicians in Manchester. They can provide the perfect assistance to keep your piano in sound condition. For more details, you can visit our website today.