Expert piano tuning services
in Greater Manchester

At Eric The Piano Fixer, I tune 99% of real pianos from uprights to baby grands. Unfortunately we don’t do electronic keyboards. To find out more about my services, contact me today. I welcome clients from across Greater Manchester.

Keep your piano at pitch

I carry out an inspection of your piano prior to tuning it. This can identify any potential issues which I will discuss with you before starting the job.

If you need an inspection for any other purpose, give me a call.

What I can help you with?

  • Piano tuning
  • Pitch raising
  • Maintenance work
  • Piano repairs
  • Piano restoration

Cost-effective piano tuning services

The nature of any conventional stringed instrument is such that compression in its heart forces the wood to vibrate in sympathy with the strings, once they are set in motion. The sound is thereby naturally amplified so that we can hear it. The quality of that sound varies according to the physical properties and quality of the wood and the workmanship that went into its manufacture, and this quality can be heard. It is the job of Eric The Piano Fixer to bring out (in an aural sense) the quality and beauty of that wood, so that it should give you pleasure when you hear it. To find out how I can help you, give me a call.

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