Piano valuations in Greater Manchester

You may need a valuation for various different reasons. The suggested value may vary depending on your purpose.

Get your piano valued

There are several reasons that you might want to have a piano valued, and your reason will affect the valuation. For example if you want to sell a piano, you should ask for a valuation for resale; if you want to insure a piano, you should ask for a valuation for insurance purposes. Both requests could concern the same piano, and the valuations would be quite different. This is because the price achievable in the current market conditions is probably much lower than the cost of an equivalent new piano. As most insurance companies offer a ‘new for old’ type of cover, the insurance valuation of for example your Yamaha piano, will be the price that a new Yamaha of similar quality commands. Whilst you can do that kind of simple valuation yourself, there will be times when it is not so straightforward, such as when your piano was made by a manufacturer who is no longer around, and the relative quality of your piano has to be assessed against those available.

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