Piano repair and servicing in Greater Manchester

If you piano needs repairs get in touch with Eric The Piano Fixer in Greater Manchester. My piano repairs and servicing can restore your instrument to its former glory. For more details, give me a call.

Efficient piano repairs

If you are not enjoying playing your piano it could be that some efficient repairs can make a world of difference. Get in touch with Eric The Piano Fixer to get it sorted. Eric The Piano Fixer will accurately and quickly assess whether your piano can be sufficiently repaired at reasonable price.

I can help you with:

  • String repair
  • Sticking keys
  • Key top replacement
  • Bench repairs
  • Hammer repairs
  • And more

The effects of wear – Re-felting

The correct maintenance of a decent acoustic piano doesn’t have to be expensive. A simple action repair, such as freeing a sticking note, can be done when the piano is tuned. I am more than happy to carry out an initial inspection prior to starting work (time permitting) so that any extras can be discussed with you before proceeding. I offer cost-effective piano repairing services to customers across Greater Manchester. For more details, get in touch.

For more details, contact Eric The Piano Fixer on:
07776 251 698