Tuning a piano is one of the most important tasks if you play it occasionally. Being a highly technical piece of instrument, the piano may not sound good if it’s not well-tuned. The process of tuning a piano may seem simple, but in reality, it is a challenging task. It should be done by someone having proper technical knowledge.

Consult a Professional Piano Tuner:

To tune your piano correctly, it is important to collaborate with a professional source for piano tuning in Manchester. Their experts have the right kind of tools that can retain the original tune and bring back the melodious sound. The experts also have knowledge of using these tools in the correct way to tune a piano.

Vital Components for Tuning a Piano:

When you contact a trustworthy piano tuner near you, ensure they use quality tuning equipment. More about this is discussed below.

  • Tuning Lever: The tuning lever, also known as a tuning hammer, is a small tool that allows you to tighten every individual pin. It is a useful device that can help you get the intended tune of the piano. However, replacing the tuning lever with another device or agent can harm the instrument significantly.

  • Electronic Chromatic Tuner: It is a small gadget with which you can identify the note being played by a key. You can also see how far it is off from the intended frequency. It is a modern invention that has replaced forks as a tuner. However, you must understand that this tuning cannot be done by regular digital guitar tuners.
  • Screwdriver: Grand pianos generally have a door that protects the strings and the soundboard. When it’s time to tune the piano, you must open this door. A regular screwdriver can do the trick for you. It will help you remove the external pieces and tune the internal components of the instrument.

  • Mutes: These are cheap rubber wedges you must put on the piano strings. It dampens the original sound of the piano and isolates a single string. This helps understand the actual piano tune.

These are a few important components that you need for tuning your piano. For better assistance, you can visit Eric the Piano Fixer, one of the well-known names for piano restoration in Manchester. Eric has been in the field of piano restoration and tuning for a considerable time now. He has served many clients in the past and continues to maintain a positive industrial reputation. You can visit his website to approach him for your piano tuning needs.