With today’s advanced technology, anyone can tune a piano. But your piano requires proper maintenance to stay in its best condition. Piano technicians, also popular as piano surgeons, can help you with necessary piano repairs. Here’s why you need to hire an experienced piano technician for any problem related to your piano.

 How to Find a Piano Technician: A Brief Guide

First, let’s take a dig into an interesting fact about the piano.

 Did You Know Piano Has Over 3,000 Parts?

It may come as a surprise to you, but it’s true. A piano has more than 3,000 parts. A piano tuner generally does not have knowledge about piano repairs. A piano technician can fix all the piano problems, enhance, recondition and restore it to its best condition.

Quick Tips to Choose the Right Piano Technician


This is one of the best ways to get in touch with a skilled technician who can fix your piano. You can ask your friends or neighbours for recommendations. They may know some of the best technicians among their acquaintances. You will never regret relying on this tip, as people recommend the right ones from their personal experience.

 Ask Piano Dealer

You can also visit the store from where you bought your piano or other nearest stores. They can also help you to find the right piano technician.

 Repair Cost

Get the quotations for repair from at least three technicians to get the best deal. Who doesn’t love to save their money, after all? But don’t forget the quality of their work in between the process of getting a cost-effective deal.

 Steps to Ensure Your Piano is Singing to Its Best

 Cleaning: Dust accumulation can adversely affect your piano’s tone. Over time, micro dust particles can settle on strings and soundboards. This reduces projections and the board’s overall tone quality. Technicians usually have their own cleaning system.

 Hammer Work: This is the second key factor which affects the piano sounds. They are made of felt, which is quite tough but develops grooves over time. You can check whether your hammers are healthy. They will be typically rounded without grooves among them. An experienced technician will understand the problem just with the tone difference.

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