A piano without an effective and smooth working keytop doesn’t serve the purpose and produces out of tune tones. The piano keytops tend to become old, break or wear off with time. If you continue to play with the faded and the damaged keytops, then there’s a high probability that the piano might get damaged further. Hence, to get back the beautiful melodious tunes, smoothen the keys and stick them back in place.

 However, hiring a professional piano fixer for proper piano repair and tuning is essential. They know the way around the instrument and can properly fix it without causing any damage. Do you need to replace a single key? Or are you redoing all the 52 keys of the piano? Depending on the same, you must take the necessary steps.


Check out the professional piano fixers’ steps to replace and repair the piano keytops.

Steps of fixing piano keytops effectively

Step1: Remove the damaged keys from the piano

Make sure that the fixer checks all the piano keys effectively before pulling out the damaged ones. There might be cases of more than one damaged key. Ask the fixer to circle out the damaged keys that might get damaged in the coming days. Number the keys that have been damaged and need to be replaced. This way, you’ll get an estimate of the fixing expenses.

Step 2: Remove the old keys from keytops

Ask the piano fixer to remove the old keys from the keytop as the old keys might not sync with the new ones. This will damage the tune of the piano.

Step 3: Use light sanding techniques

The vacant places from which the keys have been removed need to be sanded to remove the residue of the remaining glue. The surface needs to be smoothened so that the new ones can be fixed without any problem.

Step 4: Apply good quality glue and paste keys

The fixer will then apply the best quality PVC-E glue in thin layers on the surface and the back side of the key. The layer of glue is very important, and thick layers will not fix the new keys properly. The new set of keys is then pasted in place of the old ones and left to dry. Later the edges of the keys are filed properly, and excessive remains of dry glue are removed to retain the aesthetics of the keytop.

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