Pianos have been an immortal instrument for eternity. From a functional, decorative and tuning point of view, pianos can generate immortal music that will stay with you forever. However, like other instruments, pianos get damaged with time. Along with maintenance, pianos require proper servicing as well. For piano repairs in Manchester, you’ll come across professional piano fixers.


Are you a novice piano user? It might be difficult to find the causes behind the problems that your piano might be encountering. From sticky keys to problems with the tuning – a piano encounters several problems that, if not treated immediately, can get the user into trouble.


Here are a few common problems requiring you to book an immediate piano repair in Manchester.

What are the Common Piano Problems to Look out for?

Dirty Keys

The piano is a delicate piece of instrument. It would be best if you kept it clean all the time. Dirty keys trap oil and can trap dust in between the same. This is a common form of damage where the keys might stop working and cause tuning issues in the piano. When you’re not using the piano, make sure that you keep it covered all the time. You can use a soft rug to wipe and clean off the dirt to prevent this damage.

Buzzing Sounds

Until you get an aesthetic and musical tune from the piano, your piano is working fine, and there’s definitely no issue with the same. But sometimes you can face problems like a continuous buzzing sound blowing off your ears. This indicates that the piano is suffering from problems, and you must fix it as soon as possible.

Tuning Issues

All instruments are out of tune at some point in time. Do you have an antique piece of piano? Then certainly, it’s going to get out of tune soon. Sometimes, due to drastic climate changes, swelling and shrinking can occur, eventually putting the piano out of tune.

Pedal Problems

Sometimes, there are problems with the sustain pedal. You will notice the problem when you find no resonance of the pedal once the fingers are lifted from the keys. Hire a technician immediately to get an overview of the problem and fix the situation readily.


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