Having a piano is like a grand possession that talks a lot about your love for finer things. Even if you are not a professional but have a taste in music, the piano in your house can be a stress buster. Additionally, it is something that you can proudly talk about to your visitors.

Importance of Piano Valuation:

The value of a piano is an important aspect that many want to talk about. Often, these instruments are made of valuable raw materials like valuable timber, ivory and metal. All these elements are constituted to create a piano with high monetary and musical value. Getting the exact piano valuation in Manchester can be a highly challenging task.

Factors that Affect the Value of a Piano:

In this blog, you will find more about the variables that can affect the value of a piano.

  1. Age: If you thought that the value of a piano incurs with age, you are wrong. Though it depends on the condition and other factors, you should expect a low return value on selling your piano. A keen observation tells that a piano loses 15% of its original value before the completion of the year of buy.
  2. Soundboard: The piano’s soundboard is a delicate area that plays a major role in determining the piano’s value. It generally cracks due to humidity and other weather conditions. As a result, the original price of the piano gets reduced drastically.
  3. Strings and Hammers: These are another technical area of a piano that decides the final selling value. As a piano owner, you must replace the strings more often as these are sensitive to weather. A worn-out hammer in the piano can affect the value of the piano. These are two important agents that control the sound of the piano.
  4. Brand: Many fall for the brand value of the piano. However, in reality, the brand name seldom affects the final price of the instrument. People fall for old-age grand pianos but end up paying more than they are originally expected to. The old pianos are often found in terrible condition, and the seller opts to refurbish and re-tune them to fetch a higher price.

These are some integral factors of piano valuation that you should know. For better assistance, you can come to Eric the Piano Fixer. We are one of the trusted sources for piano valuation in Manchester. To know more, you can visit our website.