No matter how much you are taking care of the piano, there comes a time when you need to have immediate piano repair. Sometimes, it is for the damage to the instrument, or sometimes, any issue caused by weather conditions. 

Even when you postpone the annual tuning and maintenance, your piano seeks repair. For any piano repairs and tuning, it is always important to call for a professional who offers piano tuning in Manchester. 

Per the piano repairing experts, the sooner you identify that your piano is creating issues, the sooner you save time. If you ignore the signs that your piano is not sounding as it used to be, chances are the instrument is deteriorating. Here are three signs showing that the piano must be repaired soon. 

What Are The Major Signs Of Piano Repairing?


A frequent piano player or an individual familiar with different sounds and notes will always tell when the instrument has gone out of tune. It is crucial to get your piano tuned at least once or twice a year. 

Keeping the instrument where the temperature and humidity levels are properly balanced and consistent will also keep the tuning for a long. You will need a repair if the tuning constantly drifts despite regular tuning. 


Each piano has three pedals that are well connected to the keyboard to ensure that your instrument plays well. Each of these pedals has its own set of rules for playing, and if you notice a lack of tension while playing the piano, you need to have them repaired as soon as possible. It is difficult to notice a slight loss of tension. Hence, it is good to consult with an expert.


If the wheels and legs on the piano do not feel too stable and wobbling, they need to be fixed without delay. A piano is an unsafe and vulnerable instrument; if the parts are not taken care of, they might be worn out. With professional help, the piano wheels can easily be replaced. Do not attempt to play the piano if it does not feel too strong, as you risk damage. 

Look out for damage signs in the piano first and take it to the expert or call a professional to repair it. Eric, The Piano Fixer, is well known for repairing any issue related to the piano. He offers services on piano tuning, servicing and restoration to customers across Greater Manchester. For Piano tuning in Manchester, contact now.