Are you planning to buy or sell a second-hand piano? The valuation of a used piano will be different to that of a new model. Generally, the older the piano gets, the more antique it becomes. However, this doesn’t mean that every old piano is an antique. The value of a used piano depends on how the piano owner has taken care of the same. In case you’re in doubt, make sure to hire a professional for piano valuation in manchester. They’ll let you know the accurate value of the used piano in the market. Hence, before selling or buying a used piano, make sure that you check a few points about the piano.

Factors that determine the fair market value of a used piano

Market value

Check the fair market value of the used piano before you decide to sell the same. If you’re planning to sell the piano to an admirer, then the fair market value for the same will increase. An admirer will always be ready to pay a good price for purchasing an antique piano piece. Thus, the fair value of the used piano plays a vital role in fixing the same sale price.

Current condition

It is essential to check the condition of the piano before you decide to purchase the same. Since it is not a new piano you’re purchasing, assessing the current condition is essential. You must check the tuning, petals and keys before you decide to either buy or sell the same. A used piano might have several damages, which in turn reduces the cost of the piano.


A depreciation rate is imposed on every asset to determine the current market value of the same. Before you decide to either buy or sell the piano, make sure that you calculate the actual value of the piano based on the depreciation rate of the same. Remember to calculate the depreciation from the current price of the asset and not the asset’s original price.

Depending on the reason, the valuation of the piano might keep on changing. Hence, hire a professional piano valuation expert in Manchester for the job. Eric, The Piano Fixer, is a great choice in such situations. Let us know the reason behind the requirement for piano valuations. Depending on your requests, we will provide an accurate piano valuation.