After the piano’s invention in the middle of the 18th century, pianos played an important role in several homes. It has both decorative and functional aspects; the piano is the natural way people keep music in their lives. However, like any other musical instrument, pianos, mainly the older ones, need better maintenance due to constant use. 

From sticky keys to distracted voicing, the piano offers lots of evidence, and it aims to call a qualified Piano technician in Manchester for repair. For the novice, it is too overwhelming to realise the various factors that cause the piano to get damaged. 

With a solid understanding of the common issues and piano-repairing symptoms, you can prevent minor issues from becoming more prominent. The owners should also remember that the pianos are delicate instruments, making slight adjustments without a professional who can solve the issue.

Major Pianos Issues That Require Urgent Repairing

Stuck Or Sticky Keys

One of the major issues to identify is sticky or stuck keys. It only takes the expert to realise when the keys return in the actual form. At times, the keys need only a slight wiggle to make all the things slide back to their original state. It is imperative to consult the professional to find the reasons behind the problem. 

Damaged or dirty keys

A well-maintained piano will bring as much aesthetical beauty and also musical satisfaction. However, with time and poor maintenance, the keys can be damaged. After playing constantly, the human hands will trap dirt that will discolour the keys. A lack of light will also cause the ivory keys to turn yellow. Even some basic maintenance can also slow down discolouring. 

You can clean the keys with soapy water. Another popular way is to use household cleaners or rubbing alcohol that scrubs away the discolouration of the piano. If the keys get discoloured and beyond a small wipe down, be sure that you consult an expert who offers the best services. 

Out of Tuning

As with the instruments, intonation is crucial to the piano’s operation. Unlike most of the instruments you get in the market, though, the piano tuning needs more than a few twists to tune the peg or make some valve adjustments. The good news is that if you maintain and service the piano daily, it should stay in tune. 

These are some of the major issues of piano malfunctioning. You can consult with Eric, The Piano Fixer, who is experienced in piano fixing and maintenance.